– UBI equips society for the post-industrial age where employment is constantly changing. As there is no longer a guarantee of continuous employment or a job for life, UBI can provide the wherewithal for the times between jobs.

– UBI potentially means that people can live where they like throughout New Zealand, leading to re-population of the provinces.

– UBI will allow people to experiment and potentially fail without serious financial repercussions

– UBI will see the demise of the huge welfare support industry (WINZ / MSD)

– UBI will see the demise of taxes and entitlements like Working For Families, Unemployment Benefit, Superannuation, etc

– UBI will require compulsory teaching of economic management in schools

-UBI will be set at different rates depending on the age of the recipient – eg child rate $5,000pa, youth rate $10,000pa, adult rate $20,000pa

– UBI gives an economic value to children, with all the implications that flow from that

– UBI will allow relatives to become full time carers

– UBI will give the financial freedom for partners to leave violent domestic relationships

– UBI will exist alongside free health, education and the ACC

– UBI will allow additional support / disability payments to be managed through the health system

– UBI will bring in an era of reduced criminal recidivism.

– UBI will introduce an era of paid employment by choice, rather than by necessity

– UBI will require tax generation of $60bn pa from income tax, GST and property tax

– UBI will have no strings attached; it is a right for all citizens

– UBI will mean better distribution and therefore, better circulation of cash and assets

– UBI will give flexibility to employers to provide variable contracts

– UBI will provide flexibility to employees to bargain from a secure financial position

– UBI will lead to a less divided society